Robert Dill




I am new to CrossFit but have been watching the positive impact it’s had on my wife both physically and mentally and after seeing the joy and confidence it’s brought to her I wanted to be more involved.  Sports and Fitness have been a staple in our household and I grew up playing numerous sports and spent countless hours in the gym to help me in the sports I was playing.  I played collegiate club level soccer and trained with a professional team after college so I experienced the importance of fitness at the highest level.

I continue to play soccer, have run numerous 5K’s with my family, and done numerous popular workout series but I’m now beginning my CrossFit journey and am happy that my family is able to do this together with me.  The community in CrossFit is another factor that drew me in.  It’s great to see the encouragement, motivation, and sincere care that the members have for one another.  Our goal is that we at CrossFit Intersect can offer all our members the same feeling of community while we train and get healthy together.